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School Theme Song



我們是新中國的⼩主⼈ We are the junior master of new China,

我們是民族的新⾎輪 We are the new heir of the people,

像駿⾺奔跑 Running like horses,

想脫兔跳躍 Hopping like hares,

我們是多麼英豪 We are so proud.

能進取⼜能爭氣 Hard-working and pursue excellency,

互助合作決不相欺 Cooperation and do not deceive,

努⼒團結團結努⼒ Work together and do the best,

⼋德備四維張 Have 8 virtues of life and perform 4 principles of morality

台東⼤學附⼩校譽遠颺 Taitung University Affiliated Elementary School has a widespread good reputation.

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